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Seniors need to be extremely careful with falling.  This is because of the adverse effects it has on their health.  It is sometimes impossible for seniors to recover to full health after tripping.  Tripping on rugs or slipping on wet floors could herald serious health problems in seniors, sometimes rendering them immobile for life.  Therefore, the issue of falling among seniors must be treated with utmost concern.

Thousands of seniors break a bone every year. Research shows that one in four seniors is likely going to experience a fall in the space of a year. The tendency to fall is common among seniors due to old age. A fall could occur due to postural hypo-tension – a condition that occurs when there’s a decrease in blood pressure when you get up from lying or sitting down, weakness of leg muscles, poor balance, etc.

Common injuries attributed to falls are fractures on the hip, arms, ankle, wrists, and head injuries. Apart from suffering physically, seniors could also suffer psychologically, leading them to anxiety.

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