Tips on Fall Prevention for Seniors


Seniors need to be extremely careful with falling.  This is because of the adverse effects it has on their health.  It is sometimes impossible for seniors to recover to full health after tripping.  Tripping on rugs or slipping on wet floors could herald serious health problems in seniors, sometimes rendering them immobile for life.  Therefore, the issue of falling among seniors must be treated with utmost concern.

Thousands of seniors break a bone every year. Research shows that one in four seniors is likely going to experience a fall in the space of a year. The tendency to fall is common among seniors due to old age. A fall could occur due to postural hypo-tension – a condition that occurs when there’s a decrease in blood pressure when you get up from lying or sitting down, weakness of leg muscles, poor balance, etc.

Common injuries attributed to falls are fractures on the hip, arms, ankle, wrists, and head injuries. Apart from suffering physically, seniors could also suffer psychologically, leading them to anxiety.

Falls can be prevented but this can only be done when the proper measures are put in place. In this article, we share with you proven tips you can apply in order to gain safety both at home and outside.

  1. Get more exercise

Regular exercise helps keep your muscles strong. Opt for activities that focus on balance, flexibility, and strength training to help make your joints, ligaments, and tendons healthy. Regular exercise also helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis and keeps your bones healthy.

  1. Watch what you consume

Consuming too much of alcohol and smoking are habits that you should avoid. Eating the right foods makes your bones healthy. For example, continued smoking will eventually reduce your bone mass, thus making it susceptible to breaking when you fall. Ensure your diet includes a moderate proportion of vitamin D and calcium.

  1. Wear appropriate shoes

High heels, backless and loose shoes increase the chance of falling in seniors. Wearing any of these brings you closer to falling. You must do away with your high heels and opt for shoes that can keep you safe in your old age. Low heels and shoes with firm studs are a good substitutes for high heels, backless shoes, etc.

  1. Use a walker

Having an unsteady or lopsided gait is common among seniors. It is advised that you make use of a walker or a cane. This will provide support to your balance and carriage.

Sometimes you might even feel lightheaded after standing. In such cases, be careful whenever you need to stand up, and don’t rush it. Ensure your carriage is firm enough before you start to move.

  1. Walk carefully on wet floors

Walking on wet floors is common to all. Regardless of age, there is a significant number of people who fall from time to time on wet surfaces. However, the damage this kind of fall causes in older adults is most times really bad. Therefore, seniors must see to it that they avoid walking on wet surfaces, especially in public. In a case whereby there’s no choice but to walk on a wet surface, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

  1. Keep your home safe

Most seniors choose to spend their latter years at their abode compared to others who make the decision to stay in an assisted living facility. If you have decided to live at home, then you must make your house is as accident-free as possible.

You can start by instructing your workers or those responsible for your care to keep the floors dry. This is because you might need to take a little walk when they’re not close by.

You should ensure your stairs have rails that are secure. This would help you as you constantly move up and down the stairs.

Also, you can install brighter lights in your home. This would aid your vision. As a senior, you must desist from walking around in the dark. You may also want to consider purchasing a shower chair, hand-held shower, etc.

  1. Get enough sleep

Lack of sleep can cause weariness, making it difficult for you to maintain a balance when you walk. Apart from exercising, which is good for your health, you need to avoid stress-related activities. You don’t have to visit the grocery every day unless it is your own way of exercising your body.

Be responsible for your well-being. You’re more prone to fall as a senior. In order to keep safe, and avert all possibility of falling, practice the tips that we’ve shared with you in this article.


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