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Medication management simply has to do with overseeing how patients use prescribed drugs. Medication, as good as it may be, if not properly managed, could result in serious health issues especially for children and for older adults.

However, managing medications can sometimes be difficult. This difficulty is usually experienced by older adults and those responsible for their care. It is quite mandatory for older adults to take their medications just as prescribed by their physician. Taking medications as prescribed is very essential for treating a senior’s health condition.

Many seniors turn out to be polypharmacists as a result of aging. A polypharmacist can be said to be a person who uses multiple drugs to treat multiple diseases. Thus, medication management becomes very important for patients with multiple health issues.

Most seniors rely on medicines to stay healthy, ward off sickness, and manage chronic conditions. It has been statistically proven that seniors take more medicine than the general population. We have compiled these tips for you to help you avoid mismanagement of your medication:

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